Cultivate Community – Supporting Authentic Growth and Healing

The below is an excerpt from a post by Golden Willow Retreat; a very special place with a very special purpose – they know how to cultivate community – supporting authentic growth and healing. I was struck by this section which talks about the how and why of our need, as human beings, for community in order to grow and heal. It only takes a few minutes to read it, but I think it well worth such a small amount of time.


“…being open and listening to others also allows the individual to feel safe enough to let down their guard and become “real” and share emotion. This sharing allows present and historical emotional wounds to heal and also to become open to connecting with others and to realize that, as humans, we are not supposed to do this world alone. When we find connection, we heal ourselves and others. As our world becomes more and more demanding and we are inundated by information, more and more people are moving into a place of fear and isolating to protect themselves.


As the brain recognizes fear, it starts to shut down the frontal lobe; this is where connection, love, community, values, and morals are located. As the frontal lobe shuts down and the protective part of our brain takes over it becomes difficult to feel. This leads to a feeling of inadequacy, self-loathing, addictive tendencies, rage towards self and others and a sense of futility. The human species is meant to connect in order to heal. We are all healing from our wounds of not being seen, heard, and valued.

The wild thing is that as we begin healing from these wounds, by finding ways to connect and share healthy compassion, empathy and safety, our frontal lobes begin to function healthily. Being vulnerable and choosing to love and connect with others throughout their struggles, victories and humanness heals…”

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6 Tips About Preventing Prostrate Cancer

6 Tips To Help Prevent Prostrate Cancer

Did you know, that in the United States alone, it is estimated that more than twenty eight thousand men die from prostrate cancer yearly? However, thanks to early detection, most men that are diagnosed with this type malignancy have a survival rate of almost ninety eight percent. The tips in this article may help increase the survival odds for you.

Although prostrate cancer can occur in men under the age of fifty it is extremely rare. When it does occur under age 50 some doctors feel it may be related to DNA genes from the family or an abnormal problem with the testosterone hormone. Just because it is a rare occurrence in men under 50, this doesn’t mean that you can’t start preparing yourself to fight off prostrate illness early in your life.

Important Prevention Steps

One of the most important steps you can take to help prevent cancer, prostrate or otherwise, is to do your best to have a healthy lifestyle. One of the major lifestyle changes you can do is to stop smoking, if you smoke. Recent studies have not found a direct link from smoking to prostrate cancer; but it is believed it can have adverse affect on the DNA of the malignant growth causing it to spread more rapidly through the prostrate and into other parts of the body. (Journal of Urology (Vol. 169: 512-516).


Not only can smoking speed up the spread of cancer cells throughout your body it also causes major damage to your entire respiratory system. This can lead to problems with your immune system, which is a major contributor for preventing any disease, much less cancer.

Other studies have shown that a healthy diet can also decrease the odds of the early on set of cancer of the prostrate and its severity. Those diets, which are high in fiber and the natural vitamins required by your body, have been shown to be very helpful. Furthermore your natural defenses are increased with this type of diet.

When you are discussing dieting you are invariably led to the subject of exercise. Some of the other studies have shown that a sedate life style leads to a lowering of the body’s natural defense system. Exercise has been shown to help the immune system to work at top proficiency. So not only will you help your prostrate, but again lower the odds of contracting other life threatening diseases. This in turn brings us to one more tip that may be helpful for you.

Early Detection

Early detection is the absolute key to increasing the survival rate for cancer victims, prostrate or otherwise. One of the recommendations being touted is to have the first PSA sample taken around age 40. However, there is a good deal of controversy over this recommendation. Thos against it have stated that it will be too early to show any results. While those for it have said it will give a record for comparison as the person ages.

Now we need to give you another tip. No matter which camp your doctor is in it is important for you to discuss your concerns with your physician. The tips provided in this article on prostrate cancer are for information purposes only. They should not be taken as nor considered as medical advice.

Although prostrate cancer can be a life threatening disease, with the proper medical treatment and lifestyle changes, the chances of prostrate cancer being the actual cause of your death are small.