All Time Is Good.

All Time Is Good

All time is good. There are surely days when we doubt that time is good. And at various moments in our life, pain and our own suffering may keep us even further from embracing this truth – let alone even consider it.

But in all our frantic pacing and obligations, entrenchment in the past, unhealthy habits and worrying for the future – we lose today. And guess what? Today is life. This is it. It will become what we reflect on as our past and what impacts our future. Yet we dismiss it and fail to be present in it. To reap the amazing life right here, in this moment. Disillusionment, obsessive unfulfilling patterns and a lack of gratitude for what we do have all amount to a form of continual suffering.


In positive psychology a lot of emphasis is placed on the idea that it’s important to know not only how to alleviate suffering, but also how to improve the quality of life and how to develop strategies that can make life worth living – to be able to embrace and cultivate happiness in our own lives.

The fact is that all time is good. It is learning why this is true that is so difficult.”  – Joan Chittister

You have today, this moment. Use it. It takes very little to bring a little happiness to another person’s life. You may even find by doing so – you brought a little to yourself along the way.

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All Time is good – Live Better Live Now